Adding Swim Classifications in bulk with feature assistant

I keep seeing “you can do this with that extension” but the feature and docs for the extension to do this in bulk elude me. Can anyone point me in the direction to how you get to that? I don’t see an entry when I load the quick entry menu for example. or it’s called something I don’t expect. Or I’m blind :slight_smile:

That no longer is in feature extension - it is in > go there and click Quick Entry

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Thank you ! I have updated from our recent swim tests. Is there a way to print a report or something like the swim classification record from there?

I think you could get a list from Scoutbook Roster Builder

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Does it take a while for the info to sync? I updated it in advancement as you suggested. In that view, I see the updates I did. I ran the roster on SB and the info does not show the updates.

There is no sync. Internet Advancement and Scoutbook use the same database.

I have seen a delay in the the availability of profile updates in some of the reports. I don’t understand it, but I’ve seen it.

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