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Bear SuperNova award not showing

I am working with a Bear in a Pack that I am not a part of on his SuperNova award. I have now been added as a connection but the SuperNova is not listed as an available award. Am I doing something wrong?

Is the scout assigned to a den? Are you able to see other awards or advancement?

Note that you should look under Scout’s awards instead of Scout’s advancement.

Did you ever figure this out? My daughter’s supernova isnt showing up either.

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Which page is it missing from? What do you see?

It’s not shown where the other awards go?

If you scroll down a little farther and click (Scout)’s awards, do you see it in there?

It is checked off as completed and approved if that is what you mean.

Was it approved by someone in your pack or BSA Administrator?

Yes, it was approved byby our committee chair.

Thanks for the info. I have reproduced the issue and will alert the developers.

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I had three scouts complete there cub Supernova and it didn’t show up either. When I moved them up to a Webelos Den the awards section only shows the Webelos Supernova and the Cub Supernova went away.

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This is a known issue and only affects the display in Scoutbook. The Supernova award earned prior to joining a Webelos den is still in the Scout’s record.