Supernova Medals not appearing in Scoutbook

I am unable to enter Supernova awards in Scoutbook. I am trying to enter a “Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award” in Scoutbook. I saw the other NOVA awards in the dropdown, but no Supernova. Please note this is applicable to the “Dr. Charles Townes Supernova Award” as well.

Is this missing from my menu or am I in the wrong place?


Supernova awards are approved and entered by your council

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@JonathanHutto The picture you posted is from Internet Advancement 2.0 – not Scoutbook.

You should be able to mark the item as completed in Scoutbook, but your local council will have to approve it (as WilliamNelson already said).

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Thank you for your guidance! In going to scoutbook, not advancements, I was able to find some of the supernova awards, but they are not named the same as expected. I have CS Supernova 2015, CS Supernova 2018, and Supernova 2018 Webelos. I will work with my registrar to get the proper credentialing for approving these. What permissions will need to be granted in order to approve these at the council level?

How can we get these renamed to match the names that National provides? For example, I assume that the Charles Townes Award is the webelos one. Is the correct place to email to get these updated?

These are awards, not rank advancements, so that is why they are in a Scout’s Awards section in Scoutbook.

I believe your council Registrar will have to enter these awards using the Registrar tools.

CS Supernova = Dr. Louis W. Alvarez Supernova Award (for Cub Scouts in Wolf / Bear dens).
I do not have access to council Registrar tools, but this award might show up as: Supernova Cub Scouts: Dr. Alvarez

Webelos Scout Supernova = Dr. Charles Townes Supernova Award (for Webelos Scouts).
Might show up as: Supernova Webelos: Dr. Townes


My registrar and scout executive delegated the responsibility of this to me. Is this something that another professional can accomplish?

You will need access to Registrar Tools to approve the Supernovas

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