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Dr. Luis Alvarez Supernova Award

Hello, I saw there was already a topic on the subject but the discussion was closed. Its regarding the disappearance of the Supernova Award in my sons profile. It shows awarded but it disappeared on his awards list. It comes up on his reports and shows as receiving it 2 times. Can you help in the recovery of his award please?

What version of the CS Supernova Alvarez award was earned? I see the 2018 version on the awards page for Scouts in a Webelos den.

I think both versions were there. Not sure. I don’t know which the council approved.

There is a bug where the version that council approves syncs to the old version of the award, but the Scoutbook code is supposed to hide the version that is not completed. So when both version of the award are earned, it causes a problem and both versions get hidden.

If you run the Cub Scout History report - do you see it?

Yes, it’s on report as earning 2 times.

ok, so how do we fix it?

Please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Be sure you include the Scout’s full name, BSA ID number, pack number, and council name.

Thank you Jennifer. Email has been sent. The Support ID # is - SSD-105840

The response I received so far, is thank you. My inquiry is being escalated.

Only thing, I’ve gotten. Has this ever been corrected for others?

Has anyone known this to be corrected? Still nothing back from them.

Yes, I have seen them fix it before. The important thing is that your Scout has the award in his record.

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