Beascout pin location innacurate

Our beascout pin has all correct up to date information: leaders, address, welcome messages, etc… However when I search for our cub scout pack within our own zipcode, our unit is #18 on the list and it says we are 29 miles away from our own zipcode.

How can we get this corrected? There are about 3 other units within our zipcode, so we should be listed in the top 5 search results.

it uses the address that is on your charter

I believe it compares your address to the geographic center of the zip code that is searched. Is it a large zip code? Or oddly shaped?

Our Scots BSA troop is on BeAScout. I received a notification that we had an individual interested in our unit. When I read the request the boys in question were 6 and 8 years old. We had another request from a parent who had a son who was 7. How do we did this?

Our charter is the same as always, the address of our Elementary school. We used to be near the top of the list. Not sure what happened. We are not a huge zipcode. There are LOTS of other zipcodes withing 29 miles of us (we are in the Atlanta Area). We are not the only near-by unit that is listed as being far away, either.

Is there a way to submit a “ticket”? I have contacted our DE but have not received a reply.

OK. I just checked my zip code, and there is definitely a bug in the search. You can send an email to I’ve done the same. After you do so, post your ticket number back here.

We’re having the same issue. The location for the “Units Found” search results and the map view seems to be our chartered organization’s address rather than our meeting location five miles away. I can’t find anyway to change it. Does anyone else know if there is a way?

Hi @ElliotSather-
You can edit the address for your BeAScout pin in the Organization Manager, though I don’t remember if you have to be a Key 3/Key 3 delegate to make changes to it.

Thanks Steve. Yes, we have the address set as our meeting place in the pin manager, and the map preview there even shows the correct location. The problem is that when a family searches for units in BeAScout, our location on the map and in the distance sorting is based on our chartered org’s address. The address that appears on the pin is correct (meeting location), but the sorting and map location are not (chartered org).

Is this the same problem you have @HeatherBabish?

That is not the same issue from a a couple months ago. Something was broken about the locations/sorts. That was fixed pretty quickly.

Your Zip defaults to the Charter Zip - effects my unit also

No, our chartered org and meeting place were the same. Our pin “distance” was just way off for some reason. Once I submitted a “ticket” it was corrected within a day or two. I also brought it to the attention if our DE who said he would work to resolve it but the the online ticket was resolved first.

I’ve seen situations where the pin location for distance calculations seemed to be based on the “center” of the zip code area, rather than the actual address. It’s more visible in large geographic zip codes.

Could that be what you’re seeing?

That was not the issue for us. (Our zipcode is not that big and it had our pin 27 miles away)

Folks - there was a coding error in the BeAScout app. (The developer didn’t realize the importance of the latitude and longitude significant digits… so it was truncating the lat and long.) This was fixed. If you are STILL having problems, please make another entry here.

As of 7/17/21, it looks like the CO mailing address (not even physical address!) is being used for my units. @HeatherBabish how did you submit a “ticket” to get this fixed? @RickHillenbrand can you tell me know to get this fixed for my 4 units (I’m the COR)? Thanks!

A key 3 member sets this in my.scouting for the unit.

@Matt.Johnson, that’s been done:


@KevinNickels have you allowed a 24 hour sync? if so report to council - they can send in a ticket for you

I don’t think it can get the info from anywhere else other than the address you give it. It doesn’t know the mailing address any more than my address. After it syncs up, report back.