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Beascout pin meeting location not used for search, the CO's is

While our unit pin is set with our meeting location and the “Location” button properly shows the spot when setting the unit pin as a key 3 member, and while our unit description has the right meeting place address, the data is not used in the search functions!

When searching for Pack 1882 in zip code 77479, we’re shown as “4.2 miles away” which is actually our chartered organization. That’s confirmed by switching from list view to map view. People in our zip code looking for a pack see us waaaay down in the list if using list view, and people who don’t live near us (but near our CO) find us in map view and want to join. Hence it’s not only not useful, it’s problematic!

Hopefully an option can be set to use the meeting location info that they have us enter, rather than the CO location. Else we won’t point people to use beascout.org, and instead will have to socialize a proprietary method which doesn’t help scouting as a whole.