BeAScout Usability issue with main multiselect

I was looking over the shoulder of a parent as they tried to find our BSA Troop in BeAScout. The first time, they got all the Cub packs because they didn’t realize they had to click on a tile. The second time, they got all the Cub packs AND all the BSA Troops because they didn’t click on the Cubs tile to deselect it.

Could you change the tiles from a multiselect with Cubs active, to a required select (radio) with no default? That way, the user will be guided to take the time to select the program they are interested in. If they wish to make multiple selections, they can use the search controls on the result page.

I think this will help avoid a LOT of frustration with users who are unfamiliar with this tool.

YIS, Jim.

P.S. if you have more bandwidth, it would be nice to have a B/G filter and a map … and if a user is signed in and affiliated with a troop, a hotlink to edit their description … and in the results, move the charter organization out of the title since that’s not how most Troops classify themselves - lead with the Troop # and the description instead. Publish a QR code to the page. All of this would make the tool better for marketing and reduce barriers to prospective parents.

@JamesReifsnyder-Smit - I just looked at this and found that you can de-select the cub scouts by clickin its tile. There are also additional selections once in the find a unit.

Beyond that, please bring your ideas to your council as they can enter a ticket for this.

Thank you for the quick response, Stephen.

Yes, they can de-select Cub Scouts by clicking on its tile, but they won’t. As a “first touch” interface with Scouting, it is discouraging. This is such a great tool, we need to do everything we can to remove friction.

Please clarify, is this something I need to get our Council to push on, or is that for the other suggestions?


This is probably a council issue. Beascout, training, and my.scouting are typically council “member care ticket” items.

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