Linked Troops, Identical Unit Names, and

Our chartering org charters both a B and a G troop. Both Troops show up in with the same unit name, in our case Troop 0313 Three Thirteen Parents Club. Our council professionals tell us there’s no way to get a 0313B or 0313G differentiator as it’s a limit of the technology. So, we regularly get our new parents applying for the wrong unit for themself or their Scout. Even when we have our professionals move the reassign the application to the correct unit, the applicant gets a confusing e-mail saying they’ve been reassigned to Troop 0313 Three Thirteen Parents Club without any reference to B or G and sometimes don’t act on it because it appears to be exactly the same unit they already had applied to.
Please add the B or G differentiator to how unit names are constructed and represented in our tools so we stop confusing our applicants!

It does say on beascout already?
Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 9.20.47 PM

I also keep a QR code to the App posted in the Hut - that has helped alot

Yes, the B and G designations are there, but honestly the parents don’t read down the eight lines to see it or look for the second unit entry. They apply to the one that’s listed first. Remember they are coming from packs where both male and female cubs are in the same pack. Most aren’t aware that there even are different troops.

Well Scouts now should never use this process in Council -
MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB) is how parents do it
MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB) is how packs can transfer.

User error will always exist, maybe the my.scouting team can add the B/G. But I do suggest get the QR code, so both can just say “Scan that”

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We also supply families with the URL. You could have a chartered org website to point families to that has a clearer designation.

My request was for a UI improvement to in the Unit names.

Thank you for the other suggestions. I already use the Transfer In function in Organization Manager to avoid this issue altogether. However, out of the 5 cubs and 1 parent that a pack transferred in yesterday, 4 were transferred to the correct B unit and 1 cub and his parent were transferred to the wrong G unit. This was all by the same pack person doing the transfers in a batch, so the unit name in the UI is obviously not as clear to a user as you are assuming.

Additionally, our unit will get a half dozen new joins each year from families who move to the area and discover us through word of mouth and Again, if we don’t know they are coming, bypassing the UI confusion by sending them a URL/QR code isn’t an option although we will call it out on our troops’ website.