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Best Advice for handling Logs and Scoutbook Calendars

Today BSA IT has proceeded with a new Activities Calendar that was launched in Internet Advancement. It is an improvement over the previous display in Internet Advancement, but having 2 calendars is not ideal.
Here is what you need to know.

  1. If you make an event in the Scoutbook Calendar or this new Activities Calendar it will appear in the other, but it can only be edited in the system it was created in.
  2. RSVPs only come from the system it was created in.
  3. Add future Campouts, Hikes and Service Project in IA. That way you have the event to mark for the logs. Otherwise if you create the event in ScoutBook you are required to recreate the exact same event in IA to record the appropriate logs.
  4. Yes lets say on a Campout you Hike and Do Service - you now will have to make dupe events in IA (one for Camp, one for hike, one for service), we are fighting to make that easier.

Thanks for the clarification, @DonovanMcNeil. It sounds a bit like a soup sandwich, in that we get reminders and emails based on events in Scoutbook, but in order to log the event, the event has to be created in IA2.

Is there a forthcoming help document on the new calendar system? I didn’t immediately see anything at help.scoutbook.com searching based on “calendar” with or without “IA” as a modifier.

ETA: Hang on. Maybe I misread something. When you say “RSVPs only come from the system it was created in.” does that mean that the new IA calendar also sends reminder emails, collects RSVPs and can be used to take attendance? Is the Scouting app tied in so that youth can take attendance for an IA calendar event?

Internet Advancement Calendar does not handle BBCode or even simple line spacing. It’s just a wall of text.

The attendee list is sorted by the internal user id…completely useless.

Event location is not a hyperlink.

No way to take attendance.

Leaders are not in a separate list from non-registered parents.

Why should anyone use this?

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Yes it is supposed to - but to RSVP the user has to go to Internet Advancement if the Event is created in IA

Awesome! < /sarcasm >

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The Activities Calendar has been temporarily removed from Internet Advancement while some serious issues are corrected. We do not have an estimate as to when these issues will be fixed and the Activities Calendar restored.

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I didn’t see that it supported ical/web subscriptions. Does it?

Is there a detailed write up?

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