Scoutbook Event Attendance

I have events in SB that have correct attendance but show everyone attending (Scouts and leaders) in the IA version. Do I have to manually correct the IA version or is this a bug?


I’ll report this. SB and AI should be the same

Just to be sure are not getting confused between attendance and RSVP can you give me a screen shot?

Remember that attendance cannot be taken until after the date/time the event occurs.

Screen shots sent to developers and removed from post by moderator

2 scouts checked off for attendance

all Scouts included in the IA version

@AlexanderLes - the calendar is only showing the listed people that should match the scoutbook list of “attendees” There is a difference between attendees and attendance. I do not think attendance checking is in the IA calendar

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after the event passes you can check off attendance in IA

Thanks for sending the screen shots. I should have asked for them privately since they contain names. We have sent them to the developers to look at.

@WilliamNelson - I do not see a way to mark attendance in the IA calendar

If you hit “Edit Event” in IA you can add and delete Scouts/Leaders/etc.

Removing invited individuals who did not attend is not the same as marking who did attend. You may need to know who was invited but didn’t show up.

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The screenshot I sent from SB showed all Scouts as “invited” then I manually had to check the Scouts who attended and then saved the attendance.



@AlexanderLes your IA shot just showed those invited

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Yes, that’s my point…according to the documentation everything entered into SB is supposed to be replicated in IA.


You are correct, SB and IA are supposed to reflect the same data. We have passed your screen shots on to the developers for investigation.

@AlexanderLes Attendance is just VERY buried now - that is being worked on - in IA the event currently has to have a RSVP > then you edit event > then you open one of the RSVP Groups (Yes/No/Maybe) - that is where you can mark attendance

Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 1.40.27 PM

So events without RSVP have no attendance feature

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@Stephen_Hornak currently no - but that is being worked on and ways to clean it up - but you can post add rsvp to event


@DonovanMcNeil , Roger that

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The way it works is explained in the helps