Better communications about bugs

I would love it if there was someone, not the developers, who was collecting the feedback from users and turning it into action items for the development team. That might already be what is happening. I see so many people on here using emotional language about issues with the new interface. I get it. But I used to be in IT and it feels hard to fix things when the issues that people are experiencing are tied up in personal opinion, feelings, and complaints. If we want to improve the experience in the new interface, can we all agree to be civil and polite, document factually what is going on, and report clearly on the experience we hope to see. This will allow the developers to understand the needs, document the issues and work on a prioritization of the fixes.

I feel for all of us. Transitions are not really easy. And communication skills are sometimes the first thing to go when people are frustrated or are learning something new.

I do want to mention that a long lead time for bug fixes before the old interface is shut down would be very much appreciated. It would give the developers more time to fix high priority issues, and give leaders more time to do training in the new platform and document any “wish list” items for future development.

@CarrieHaber - very well put. Unfortunately the scouting community knows better than the developers on how things work, extremely resistant to change of any kind, and prefer “the good old days.” It is dunning-kruger and denialism all wrapped up in one messy bundle.

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The volunteer SUAC monitors the forums and feeds issues to the developers. We typically will comment with something like “This has been reported”.


Is there a way to submit enhancement requests for the calendar? For RSVP, it would be helpful to have a comment field, in addition to “yes” or “no”.
This would allow a scout/parent to note things like “We need to leave by 1pm”.
Maybe it is already in there and I didn’t see it during my quick test.


Adding comments similar to Scoutbook’s calendar is in the backlog.

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