IA Calendar Issues and Suggestions

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More bugs from todays switchover:
The list of Parents/Users is wrong, it’s old, not up-to-date with what Scoutbook says.
RSVPs did not transfer
Event comments did not transfer


There was no data transferred, only a change of interface. Both the Scoutbook interface and Internet Advancement interface use the same database.

We need more information for the developers to investigate. I’ll send you a private message. Click on the pink circle with white P in the upper right of your forum window when you see an envelope on it.

Can we go back to the old calendar, I am having issues with setting up events, first its clunky and slow. There are way to many steps to add participants to the event. Before you just clicked who you wanted to the event now, I have to click a drop-down list then the participant. I can select all but then I have to go and remove the ones that do not want notifications for events. I have setup multiple events already and sometimes the notifications go out and then others they do not. Sometimes the calendar will save events others it will tell me I do not have authorization to setup events. I am the advancement chair and assistant scout master, and I am still getting authorizations errors. I understand the need for the change but its to clunky and unreliable. I now have to ask if they got the notification.

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Another gripe. I put alot of information for the scouts and parents to look at in the event description. The new notifications do not send that information just hey you have an event this day this time. How do we get it to send the info also. Like we are meeting at this place, but you need to go to that table and sign up with this person. Now that information is not being sent out.

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Your comments have been passed on to the development team.

Tried to add a link in the event description. When I save it, the calendar event shows the entire url with the url codes (the ones), and the url is not a live link. Same behavior occurs if I add rich text formatting (specifically bold and underline).
Sometimes the description appears to have saved correctly, but if I reopen the event from the calendar, it reverts back to the whole url with codes and no rich text changes. This behavior is the same with old and new calendar events.

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Related issue: line breaks don’t work in the event description, either. Enter, Shift-Enter… none of it matters. Everything goes into the description as one monolithic block of text.

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Timezone for event reminders are in central timezone. We are in EDT. This is going to confuse a lot of people.

TZ does not work only on ASAP reminders - we hope for a quick fix

All calendar reminders have the same subject line “Calendar Event Reminder”. We need to have more options in what’s included in the subject line of the email reminders.

Email reminder is from “Boy Scouts of America”. Should be ‘BSA Scouts’?

@SamChung - please do remember that packs, crews and ships are also on IA and it is the corporate identity


The name of the organization is Boy Scouts of America. There is nothing wrong with the text of the from line of reminders.



Putting the event title in the subject line is in the backlog.

The Update mentions the following: “Users subscribed to the legacy Scoutbook calendar via ICS (ex: on Apple or Google calendar) need to delete their current subscription and subscribe via the new link on the Internet Advancement calendar page - the old feed will be turned off at some point in near future.”

So, where is this link exactly?? I can’t find it on the IA calendar page anywhere.

@MarkCorbett - scroll down on the calendar page

Second topic: How do we add a new Scout to all the events without opening each and every calendar item selecting them? The Scoutbook calendar, with the extension, allowed the user to select one scout and add them to numerous events with opening each event. Is that functionality still available? If so, where and how?

I have scolled all the way down to where its says old Scoutbpook calendar…no link

@MarkCorbett - those blue icons to the right