User Interface issues with New Calendar?

Is there a discussion here about the various user interface issues with the new calendar? Such as how the month view is presented, how events are labeled, dividing line colors, fonts, etc? I would prefer to read any previous discussion rather than just listing a bunch of what I think are bugs.

There are a variety of already reported issues in the new calendar bugs forum.

variety of already reported issues

OK. How do I find them? Do they have a certain tag?

Is that the approach, just find an issue and report it? Was there a user interface design discussion before the calendar was rolled out? This just seems disorganized in my experience.


There is much organization to bug reporting except to use this thread (Scoutbook>New Calendar Bugs). The same bugs are being reported multiple times but at this point, that’s a good thing as it’s reminding the developers and SUAC, that there are still major issues that need fixed.. SO yes, if you find an issue and report it.

To my knowledge there was no discussion with end users are the design, albeit maybe a select few beta testers. From the sounds of it the developers are not involved in this forum in anyway.


Repeating posts about known issues only slows things down. Bugs are tracked internally with a well known, commercially available tracking tool. The developers do not use the forums to track bugs. Every time a bug report is repeated, a volunteer member of the SUAC must take time to decide if this his previously reported. Developers are not notified of all of these duplicate posts as that would just take away from their development time.

You can be sure that when an SUAC member says that a bug has been reported that it is in the tracking system. There is no need to keep reminding us of the bug.



I apologize, you are correct reposting the same bug is not helpful and for the most part I’ve linked to the already posted bug when I find one.

I just got caught up in the fact that we are 6 days out for the switch and major issues are still at play. Additionally, at the same time (no excuse because it isn’t even related to Scoutbook/IA/any bugs) I’ve been having issues getting responses from my council on simple questions. I should have taken some cool down time on the council issue before posting my reply here.

Again I apologize, it was bad advise.

@TravisStephens - I did some digging and the current calendar was released as beta some 9 years ago

I’m not sure what you are referring to here.

@TravisStephens - the current calendar in scoutbook itself which still has the BETA tag on it.


Oh I get that, nearly all of Google’s programs are still listed as BETA. They do that so they have an answer for when something doesn’t work and don’t have to warranty it.

I didn’t say anything about the current Scoutbook calendar being good, bad, or everything works. I just mentioned the basic features of the IA Calendar (creating and editing an event) do not work 6 days out. BETA or not, they will need to fix those basic functions if they expect people to use the calendar on November 1. I will also acknowledge the post about the transition only said November 2023 and not specifically November 1, 2023.

@TravisStephens - and i recall the banner said 9 November not 1 November

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I think it first said Nov 1.

Is there a list of the previously-reported bugs? If I am new to this forum, how can I know that a bug has been reported and acknowledged by a SUAC member? I don’t want to make any more work for anyone for sure. But I would like a straightforward way to know - should I report an issue I have just seen, or ignore it?


The BSA does not publish the backlog. The only way to know is to read the forums. It is OK to post a duplicate bug if you don’t know it was already reported. What doesn’t help is “I have this issue too” or “I’m reporting this again because the original thread was closed”

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