Birthday mismatch in scoutbook/my.scouting

Hi all!

My council said that they can’t fix this and that it’s correct in “their records”, so can someone from SUAC help me fix the below?

One of our scouts has a birthday that comes up different ways in the different scout apps.

In my.scouting it displays as 7/25/**** (it is 7/25/2007)
In scoutbook it comes up as 1/1/2009. I am NOT able to edit this (as my council said i should LOL)

If someone can email or message me I can supply the scout’s BSA ID.
Thanks again!

@BRIANCOLTON I sent you a private message.

I have a similar issue with one of my scouts. Someone had an accident and typed in her DOB which makes her over 100 years old. It will not allow me to change it; however, because of that mistake, she cannot earn her rank because per scoutbook she must be younger than 99 years old. Any suggestions?

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@ShawnaConley first talk to council to change it in their system

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