Wrong Birthdate for Scout

One of the scouts in my unit has his birthday listed as 2000 instead of 2002. Troop Admin isn’t able to fix it (grayed out).

We are afraid it may affect him earning Eagle.

How can we correct it?

Have a member of your unit Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate start by checking his age by using the Member Manager at my.scouting.org:

  1. Have them go to the Member Manager page.
  2. Click on “Youth”.
  3. Click on the “Print Youth Member Age Report” button.
  4. See if his age is correct there.

If his age is not correct there, then contact your council Registrar to get his DOB corrected.

I also have a scout with an incorrect birthday in Scoutbook. Council has the correct birthdate. It’s only incorrect in Scoutbook. His birth year is correct, but the month & day are 10 months off. How can I correct this in Scoutbook. (I am a key 3 delegate).

Hi, @terilamprey,

Does the roster on my.scouting also show the correct birthdate?

If so, I would reach out to scoutbook.support@scouting.org and explain the issue and what the correct birthdate should be. They will need the scout’s name, BSA ID and unit information to associate the correct account.

ETA: Fixing the auto-mistakes

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Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s name and BSA# and ask that the Date of Birth be updated to match my.scouting.org.

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