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Blank Ship Attendance Report

Our Ship tracks attendance for each meeting and activity in Scoutbook; however, the attendance report contains no data. The report works fine for our ScoutsBSA but the Ship report is blank.

My roles in the ScoutsBSA troop are Troop Admin, Committee Member, Unit Advancement Chair. My roles for the Ship are Ship Admin, Committee Chairman. Are the reports restricted only to the advancement chair role?

@SteveBratton never noticed that - I have reported it to developers

Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil. Looking forward to getting the report ‘fixed’ for Ships.

Adding reply to prevent topic from being auto-closed.

Adding reply to prevent topic from being auto-closed.

It is on their backlog, there is no need to keep the thread open.

Any ETA on a solution then?

It will be fixed when it is is all we can say

A fix for this is going out today

Thanks for the update @DonovanMcNeil. I greatly appreciate to follow-up!

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