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Using the SB Report Builder Designer, I have found some issues that need correcting.

When a report is generated, and the options to show current rank and date, with next rank and date with % complete, the report when generated does not show the percent complete of the next rank.

IE: SS is currently an Apprentice and is 23% done with Ordinary. When the report is generated, it shows their current rank and date of Apprentice and the date when earned, but under Ordinary, it shows 0% completed.

Can we also get report options to show the OA members, Eagle scouts, etc? For instance, I have a new SS who just transferred to us from another state due to active duty military orders. He is enrolled as a youth SS, is an Eagle Scout, and a Brotherhood member of OA. When Eagle Scout is selected to be a part of the report, it does not show him as an Eagle Scout, even though we know it to be true. And OA is only visible on his own profile, and is not able to be displayed on the report at all.

Developers are looking at this. First I thought it was just Scouts in Ship (nope). Then Scouts without Scouts BSA Advancement turned on (nope). I see some % on my Ship. But they are on it.

The other items are noted.

@JoshuaDavenport my SS reports and % are working now - are yours?


Yes sir! The percentages are now visible. If my Eagle Scout is not attached to a troop on Scoutbook, will it show on the report if I choose to show Eagle Scouts that he is 100% done? Because that’s still showing him at 0%.

is the Eagles Scouts BSA Advancement on in his profile?

Eagles work fine in my ship

I found out why. Our Ship’s sole Eagle Scout received it from another council. He will not show in our council as an Eagle unless our council runs him in the system. Easy fix, they just need his Eagle date and can do it. Supposedly the councils will be joined at sometime in the future, because it affects scout advancement at all levels.

yeah I heard of a town where the Pack was in one Council and the 2 troops were in another.

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