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I just had 59 scouts return from summer camp and have entered all the data for their bluecards. The incomplete MBs printed with the requirements that they completed including the date and some of the requirements that have not been completed are listed without the date, however not all of them do; why? Also their completed bluecards DO NOT list any of the requirements and the dates completed; why? Am I missing some kind of setting or is programming incomplete or bugs still not worked out?

It’s all about space and conserving cards. If both the complete and incomplete requirements will fit on a single card, it will print both. Otherwise, it will only print completed requirements.

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For completed Blue Cards the BSA does not require the individual requirements to be listed. All that is needed is the Merit Badge Counselor signature and date.

For partials, as Jacob said, Scoutbook will only print incomplete requirements if all requirements for the Merit Badge will fit on a single Blue Card. There are some Merit Badges that require up to 4 Blue Cards so Scoutbook only prints completed requirements on these Blue Cards.

This is working as designed.

Thanks for your quick response. It just seems rather silly to enter all the dates of the requirements in the system and not see them appear on the card especially if the requirements were done on several different days IMO. Although I know there are Advancement Coordinators that just add and award the MB at the time the bluecard is signed off as complete. Guess I must just be a stickler for having accurate data reported for our boys’ records so that when it comes to the time for Eagle application and we find discrepancies in reports we can always review their bluecards and have it corrected in the BSA system accordingly. Must be my Nuclear Industry background in compliance with NRC document control.

@DonnaMillsaps - the most critical dates are the dates of completion and not everything in between. The only time the dates would matter is in the case of partial merit badges. More specifically when the requirements change. Beyond that if it is done and completed then it is done.



The completed requirement dates will be printed on Blue Cards for in progress Merit Badges. The requirement dates will still be in Scoutbook if they were recorded, even if they are not on the final Blue Card.

@DonnaMillsaps - just a thought…would the scouts have either brought blue cards to camp or would have been given them by the camp ar the end. Seems like a duplication of effort to me.

Scout camp provided us paper forms that they documented requirements complete for every MB on each boy and the Troop is responsible for entering data in Scoutbook.

From another nuke enterprise type, if the MB is 100% completed, I only enter the completion date. Whether old school (just pocket presentation cards), in between (Internet Advancement) or current (Scoutbook/IA sharing same data), the completion date is what’s in ScoutNET. It’s all that’s needed on the Eagle application.
For partials, yes, definitely keep track of dates for each requirement. But for completed badges, completion date is all that’s needed.
Another stickler for accurate data :wink:

I have found that if you just enter complete without checking the requirements off then when you run reports for incomplete items the unchecked requirements show up for the scout even though the badge is complete. Is this a bug? I’ve been marking all the requirements
so we don’t have this issue.

The Incomplete Merit Badge Report will show any Merit Badge that has not been approved. Once you mark the overall completion approved, it will no longer appear on the Incomplete MB Report.

Is the trigger “approved” or “awarded”? I remember this coming up before, and it seemed that “approved” wasn’t causing the “needs approval” report to backflush.

When the overall Merit Badge is approved, it will not longer appear on the Incomplete Merit Badge report. I tested this last night before posting my original response.

Great. It was really bugging me before. I had scouts with 40, 50, or more “needs approval” items on the report with MBs marked approved but now awarded. It was making me twitch…

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