Requirements missing when printing incomplete merit badge blue card

I am printing blue cards and have found that some merit badges have the requirement no & letter listed on the back. If a requirement is completed the date is filled in. If no, a blank is left. Its just as I would expect.

Then there is a set of merit badges that skip the requirement letter & number if the requirement is uncompleted. This is leading to confusion by my scouts and leaders. I am going back to the pamphlets ti determine what is missing and writing the requirement on the card. Can the merit badge blue cards become uniform in the manner requirements are handled?

The merit badges that skip the uncompleted requirement are: athletics, orienteering, metalwork, signs & signals, cooking, rifle shooting, first aid, emergency preparedness, rowing, and animal science.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Mary Ann Dalton

It shows what is completed. If the MB requires only 1 Blue Card it prints the incomplete reqs too. 2 or more blue cards it does not print incomplete reqs.

It all depends on the number of requirements - so you look to see if there is a completed date and if not scouts know it is not completed. Then just look at Scouts MB page to easily see missing Reqs.

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