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Board of Review report

Can you add a report of those scouts ready for a Board of review? I use the Individual Advancement report but is cumbersome to detect those scouts ready for a board of review.

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@EstherVillarino_Tur - just a question about who needs to ask for a BoR ?

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Hi Esther, I look at % to next rank for the scouts who need BOR. They should be near or above 95%.

@EstherVillarino_Tur Why are you, as a leader, looking for Scouts ready for BORs? It’s the scout’s responsibility to say “Hey, Scoutmaster! I think I’m ready for my Board of Review!”


Kevin - Thanks a lot, but the % next rank helps but doesn’t give a board of review form. Also is doesn’t give the rank requirements for the board
Stephen- I ask a BoR as an advancement record leader.
Steve - As a leader I need to keep record of each advancement and know when an scout is ready for a next rank board of review

You can create a report in Report Builder that shows each of the requirements for a given rank. If everything except BOR is marked off, the Scout is ready for a BOR.

I have such a report saved for each rank. Currently I manually update the list of Scouts in each report. We have asked to have an option for Report Builder to automatically manage this.

I have to disagree that, as a leader, you need to keep a record of every advancement and know when a Scout is ready for their next BOR. That is the Scout’s job, not anyone else’s.

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The BSA board of review form is the unit Advancement Report. It’s available at the following links:

Scouting Forms from the National Council (Unit Advancement Report)

Advancement Resources (Advancement Report, No. 34403)

Some third party tracking programs have created their own unofficial board of review forms.

@EstherVillarino_Tur - it would seem that the troop is either adult lead or cub scouts V2.

In the interest of some balance, Guide to Advancement says “Scoutmasters—or councils or districts in the case of the Eagle Scout rank— for example, do not have authority to expect a Scout to request or organize one” in regards to BORs.

With that in mind, it’s reasonable to have some reports that help the unit leaders know where their scouts are.

@jacobfetzer - yes indeed that is true and we certainly do not expect them to call them to order or bring in the participants of the board. I agree it is not unreasonable to have some reporting. But certainly always better if the scout drives the process is really what I was aiming for.

Yep, I think it’s reasonable for the Scoutmaster to tell a scout to put their name on a list or go tell so and so in the next room that they need a BOR. Much beyond that would be inconsistent with the GTA. By having a report showing who is getting close, it enables the committee to make sure they have enough members present so the scout doesn’t have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a BOR.

If you’ve ever listened to the Scoutmaster Podcast, there is a decent faction that are believers in the sun tan method of advancement… It happens naturally by being outdoors. Now, I wouldn’t take that literally, but it’s a good way to keep advancement in its place as one method of Scouting.

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One way we handle it is that, when a scout thinks he’s ready for a BoR, he requests a scoutmaster conference, then the SM verifies everything is signed-off and contacts the committee to schedule a BoR. The committee is pretty reliable about getting a board together reasonably quickly. That need not be the only SMC the scout has, but it gives them a straight-forward way to start the process. It also means that the SM has the book in front of him to verify that everything else is (or is not) signed-off.

That way, the scout’s not having to coordinate with the committee, and the committee knows that all of the other requirements have been checked and the scout is ready for review. By doing so, we avoid irritating adults who volunteered to conduct the board with frequent cases of “but I see this requirement isn’t signed-off…”.

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