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Board of Review Signatures on Advancement Reports?

New to SCOUTBOOK for 2019; We’ve used the internet advancement for reports until mid May 2019 when the program was integrated with scoutbook and now links to internet advancement 2. After a BOR last night and entering the Rank Advancements earned, then generating the report, we noticed that there’s no longer an area for the 3 BOR signatures as in the past Advancement Reports which we turn into our council HQ. Has the Advancement Report requirements for the signatures changed? Would appreciate any feedback.

If you use Scoutbook for tracking advancements, do NOT use Internet Advancement 2.0. Internet Advancement 2.0 is only for units who do not use Scoutbook. There are some differences in the storing of reports and marking items awarded that will cause confusion if you use both.

The Advancement Team has approved the report coming out of Internet Advancement 2.0 for submission to the Scout Shops, and it does not require any signatures.

What I don’t like about the Scoutbook method and the Advancement Report is this… We have a BOR for a scout, then go into Scoutbook, enter this final rank requirement as having been met, print the Advancement Report for them, and what? have to wait another week to get back to the Board members to sign the report? Or does Scoutbook ASSUME we have access to a printer at the facility for which we meet?

@RobertWiseman this is nothing new - has been there for over a decade with Internet Advancement and it is covered in the GTA Electronic Advancement Miscellany
Board of Review Signatures. Because entering rank advancement into Internet Advancement, either directly or via Scoutbook, and printing the system-generated Unit Advancement Reports typically occur sometime after boards of review are held, obtaining signatures on the report may not be practical. Therefore, after a board of review is held, it is permissible for board members to sign a completed copy of the Unit Advancement Report found at This signed report may then be attached to the electronically generated report and submitted to the local council.

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Robert - the same process also holds true for other tracking methods and providers.

I know it is nothing new. I just don’t like wasting paper. You’d think there would be a better way figured out by now.

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Agreed. I am glad there is a clear work around.

I hope we could add to the future feature list (of unknown implementation) some form of routing and electronic signature (a la DocuSign, electronic health records, most digital things nowadays). It wouldn’t even have to be a true signature, but a stamp saying electronically verified with login and password from the BOR members and the date. Just some thoughts that help with the approval requirement and modernization for the digital age.

Check with your council. Northern Star Council recognizes there could be multiple Scouts on the advancement report with multiple BOR members. Because of this they do not require BOR signatures on the advancement report.

In addition, the new advancement report in Internet Advancement 2.0 does not require any signatures. I expect this advancement report will eventually be available from Scoutbook, replacing the current Scoutbook report.

Many Councils do not require signatures. And with the New IA2 report there are no places for signatures at all

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Further, I do not every recall in some 6 years of submitting advancement reports either from troop/packmaster or IA that anyone examined the signatures for their validity.

We print an individual advancement report from Scout book prior to a BOR with all other requirements complete. Then we draw three lines at the bottom and have board members sign as soon as the BOR is complete. All board members also initial the scout’s handbook. How don’t know if that’s necessary for council, but it is sufficient and is scanned and saved.