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In the past I have printed off BOR paperwork for scouts ready for their BOR and had committee members sign off once they approved the rank advancement.

I do not see where I can print off BOR paperwork in scoutbook.

Am I a missing it or is this a feature that we can add?

What are you looking for? The advancement report? That’s under the purchase order. Or maybe you want the Scouts BSA History report on the Scout’s page?

The only paperwork that is required is the unit Advancement Report. You can print it out and fill it in by hand, or you can download the form, partially fill it out, and have the board members sign. Or you can wait until after the board of review, run the Advancement Report from the Purchase Order screen and then get the board members to sign.

If you are looking for information for the board members, you can use the Scouts BSA History Report or the Individual Advancement Record (IAR). The Scout should have the Scout’s Handbook with signatures.

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I have a Word document set up with spaces for the Scout, Rank, BOR Date, BOR Chair & BOR Members to fill in and sign after the BOR. I scan it and attach it to my Scoutbook Advancement Report so there is no delay in getting the same people together to sign the Advancement Report after the updates are entered & report is printed out. I also enter the BOR members into the notes at the bottom of the Rank so that I can reference it later as needed.

I am a new Scoutmaster. Our Troop started on 2/1/19, so the only rank advancements I have submitted, I have used Scoutbook for. From what I have understood reading about internet advancement on my.scouting, the only time the Unit advancement forms are needed are if you are trying to submit advancement in paper form instead of using Scoutbook. Can someone help clarify this for me? Am I also supposed to submit paperwork, or is rank advancement through Scoutbook sufficient?

I have had a BoR Board member sign each Scout’s handbook in the appropriate spot, but I have not had them sign any other paperwork.


Most councils require you to submit a paper advancement report any time you purchase restricted awards (ex: ranks, merit badges). In Scoutbook you produce the advancement report from the Purchase Order which is created from the Needs Purchasing report. See the video below.

Different councils may have slightly differing policies on what will be accepted to purchase rank patches, merit badges, and other restricted awards. Generally, within Scoutbook, you will need to go to Needs Purchasing > Purchase Order > Advancement Report to generate a report to show at the scout shop in order to purchase the awards. Some may allow you to show that report electronically. Others may require a physical printout.

In Scoutbook on the Purchase order screen there is an Advancement Report - that needs to be printed/signed everytime you have a rank advancement on the Purchase order - and really for everything - but it is the Ranks they care about

I have already been using the purchasing reports. I am trying to understand what the OP said about having BORs sign an advancement report. I am wondering if this is a requirement I didn’t know about, or just something that their unit likes to do.

It was my understanding that as long as I am using Scoutbook my Scouts advancements have been reported sufficiently. Is there paperwork that needs to be signed by every member of a BoR? or can I take the signature in the book as proof and mark them as having acheived the rank in Scoutbook?

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Guide to Advancement - " Electronic Advancement Miscellany
Board of Review Signatures. Because entering rank
advancement into Internet Advancement, either directly or
via Scoutbook, and printing the system-generated Unit
Advancement Reports typically occur sometime after
boards of review are held, obtaining signatures on the
report may not be practical. Therefore, after a board of
review is held, it is permissible for board members to sign
a completed copy of the Unit Advancement Report found
at This signed report may then
be attached to the electronically generated report and
submitted to the local council."

So yes it has to still be signed

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Thanks so much! I will make sure to get that step taken care of.

hmm. On this report I just printed out, it says, “An advancement report must be sent to the council service center promptly following each board of review if advancement is not reported electronically.” (emphasis mine)

This seems to imply it is not necessary. Struggling with the contradictory instructions.

@AngelaKoch - LOL welcome to the BSA - either your scout shop will hand you the ranks - or they will ask for this



Different councils have different policies. Some councils require the 3 BOR signatures be attached to the advancement form. Other councils do not require BOR signatures at all. Ask your district or council advancement chair what they require.

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I think Adrienne is looking for the same thing that I am looking for. An internal form for the Review Board when performing a BOR for a scout and recording the results. It would be nice to print up a report with the scout’s name, rank they are going for, place to put the date of the BOR, and a signature line with a place to put the names of those on the board, and additional things like lists of things like the merit badges, activities they have participated in, service hours, etc. with a place to make notes.

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Our troop has never used such a form in BoR, so it would seem that this is not a required part of the process nor does the Guide to Advancement note such a thing. If needed we could reference the Boy Scout History report during a BoR or even look at the scout record in scoutbook.

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We use the BSA’s unit Advancement Report form 34403. The form is available at the following links:

You can print them out blank and fill them in as needed. Or you can download the form and partially fill it in ahead of time (it is a fillable pdf). The form has places for the Scout’s name, the rank, the board of review date (2 places), the signatures of the board of review members.

If you want more information than this, you can also include the Individual Advancement Record (IAR) report or the Scouts BSA History Report. Both reports are available in Scoutbook. The Scout’s Handbook also has places for the Scout to include merit badges, service logs, camping log, hiking log, etc.

Yes! I use it to keep track of scouts who have completed BOR. It is my check and balance system so that I don’t forget to recognize boys on COH night. In my other programming system (troopmaster) it had every requirement for the rank with the date that they accomplished the rank next to it. Would be nice if the ASM who signed off on the rank was included in the report as well but that may be asking for the moon??


Hi, Adrienne,

I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking for regarding the ASM who signed off on the rank. Generally, we have signatures on the scouts’ handbooks from various ASMs, the Scoutmaster, and senior scouts who have been authorized by the ASM to sign-off on things (e.g. SPL, ASPLs…). We typically have the BoR chair sign the handbook at the completion of the BoR, since it is the Board that is approving completion, rather than the SM/ASM in that context. I have my scouts enter the name of the person who signed-off their handbook in the Notes field on Scoutbook when they mark something as Complete, so we can backcheck if needed.

Scoutbook will record who “Leader Approved” any given requirement on Scoutbook. Are you looking to have the proposed report display that Leader Approved name?

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Dear Charley,
Attached is a BOR report that I used with my old tracking program. I loved it because it was a check and balance system I used. I printed this form off before the BOR and the BOR committee signs the scouts book and signs the report. The book is given to the scout and the report is given back to me. I use the report to add the BOR date to the computer and then file the report so I can look at it when I am doing advancments for COH. It is just helps me to keep track of all the record keeping. I don’t need the report to submit to council I just like the report because it helps me not forget to put a scouts rank into the computer. It is just a check and balance system for me that prevents me from losing track of scout’s ranks. We have a very large troop and there is a often lots of stuff going on on Monday nights and it can be difficult for me to keep track of evey BOR that is going on. This way I can make notes on the report of where in the process each scout is. I don’t think scoutbook generates this report but I am hopeful that others use the same system I use and will encourage scoutbook creators to develop this report.



BoardOfReviewReport_073642_1_1_.pdf (14.9 KB)