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We are using TroopMaster, and are trying to change over to ScoutBook. As far as I can tell, some of the functionality we used regularly is not available in Scoutbook.

Before Scouts have their BOR, normally would print a BOR Report (see attached). This is the form we send in with the Scouts, and it is turned in to the Advancement Chair (myself) when they have completed the BOR. Am I correct in assuming this can be met using BSA Form 34403? The only issue I have is that it does not include any information specific to the individual Scout, and looks more to be used as a bulk update document.

Could something like the attached BOR Report be integrated into ScoutBook?

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@WynterDait - that report is not required in any way shape or form by the Guide to Advancement. The other issue is that it is a TroopMaster form and as such they own the rights to it.

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@WynterDait what is on the Report? A list of Requirements? What? I joined a troop using TM. When I came in as a leaving Den Leader to an ASM - I had read the GTA and me and another dad (new to unit with older scout) were appalled at what was happening in BORs. Reviewing Section 8 might be good

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Form 33088 is the BSA’s Advancement Report form. Scoutbook produces the same advancement report after the rank is entered and approved. It is part of Scoutbook’s Needs Purchasing Report in the purchase order (PO).

Not required, but if you want something for the members of the board to look at with the individual requirements listed, you could use the Scouts BSA History Report or the Individual Advancement Record report.

@JenniferOlinger - actually the advancement form is 34403 :slight_smile:

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@Stephen_Hornak Yes, sorry. BSA form 34403 is what I meant for the Advancement Report. BSA 33088 is the Guide to Advancement.

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I suspect you could build a custom report with the information you desire in Report Builder.

Troopmaster is copyrighted thus the BSA cannot duplicate any of its reports in Scoutbook without risking a lawsuit.


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