Board of Review signature standard process

It seems like there are only “hack’ish” solutions to the BoR signature need. I could suggest some ideas, but I don’t have a strong preference. Scoutbook needs a STANDARD way to “bridge the gap” between the old paper advancement form and an all electronic process.

Is this on the list?

this is not a Scoutbook decision - that is an Advancement Committee thing - so we are waiting on them. There are only 3 sigs on the form and I know of units that may have 12-24 BOR members that are different in one month - the current form does not accommodate the sigs and they know it.

Good to hear it is being addressed by the right group.

Our work arround that others have suggested: We have one person from the board actually check the box. I could imagine that person being the “person of record” or “chair” of the BoR. They could then have an “official” blank
to record the other board members. We have been doing that in the notes. An “official” spot would work and it would only need to hold max 5 names (since the one who records is the 6th).

Check with your council to see if they require BOR signatures on the forms. Mine stopped requiring signatures long before Scoutbook. They realized there could be many more than 1 BOR a month and the advancement report only has space for 3 signatures. Also, I don’t believe this information is recorded in ScoutNet so the only way the Council could find the board members would be to go back to old paper reports. Due to the cost of storage, they don’t want to hang on to the forms once they have been recorded.

Interesting point… To think of this in another way, if you look at laws passed by Congress, State Legislatures, municipalities and others… everyone who votes for (or against) a bill or ordinance doesn’t sign the legislation, but rather the head of the body and the clerk/secretary sign them as being appropriately passed by the body before passing them on.

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That sounds like a fine way.

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