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New Forum Category for Account Issues?

Given the significant number of topics (and replies) across these forums that are related to Scoutbook and BSA ID account issues, perhaps it would be beneficial to create a top-level category?

This might a) provide a central and clear place for people to submit requests, while b) helping to keep other categories focused on their respective topics.

(Obviously, a help-desk ticket system would be a better solution, but I know that’s not an option for the SUAC right now.)

Just a thought.

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I think this is a good idea. Filter it out and make it clear that there is help.

Well as a person that can help - Many users do not stray from their category so it does not make my job any easier. Nice thought and very logical. BUT it is a user issue

I agree. We just transitioned 53 Scouts and 60 parents to SB from TM and had the account/duplicate/My.Scouting.org issues with about 10-15% of the Parents. Mostly as a result of multiple Scouts in family and council in past just created the Parents twice in their system instead of associating with one account. The other issue is despite step-by-step instructions for parents, they just go Create a New Account when they already had an account and just needed to do Forgot password link. Parents just don’t take (or have) time to understand the differences between SB and My.Scouting as important as it is. I spent a lot of time looking at previous posts, questioning myself whether to reply to that post or create a new topic. Solution was really to just create a new topic to get SUACs assistance through private message to fix. I’m a better leader because of all the searching and reading, but it would have been nice to just get the account issues solved more quickly as it is not something I could do as a Troop Admin. As I complete the transition and passing on role to a new member coordinator, that adult volunteer is going to have to go through much of the same effort in the future sporadically with new members.

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