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BSA, I love you, but you need a User Interface Designer

Den Leader Experience doesn’t work. Scoutbook is arcane, links are buried in strange places, it’s unnecessarily clicky, and error correction is ridiculous. You can’t resume online training modules from where you left off if you accidentally click the back button, which is INCREDIBLY frustrating when you’re near the end of a 20 minute module.

You’re trying to do all these online things, but they just aren’t ready for primetime. Please hire a user interface designer to go over all this stuff and actually make it usable.


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BSA Learn Center

The BSA Learn Center for training, https://training.scouting.org/, is not Scoutbook, it on a separate server.

I suspect the Scoutbook developers have no control over the BSA Learn Center. I have not checked all Scouting programs recently but I suspect the learn center is only one of several training programs.

For more about training see

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What they need to do, is send out an email to volunteers who would be willing to help code/design/manage scoutbook. If they did this, so much would get done and the scouting online tools would become so much better. I think the problem is the devs don’t know what it is like to be an adult leader so they don’t know what features are needed the most.

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As we have stated many times, the BSA will not use volunteer programmers.

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