Bug: Scoutbook Trained Leaders Report doesn't sync

The Scoutbook Trained Leaders Report is no longer syncing through the ScoutNET Unit Training Sync function. It looks like it is but isn’t actually changing completed training from the green block to the blue block.
Alamo Area Council won’t process registrations on any volunteer until they’re 100% position trained. When a new volunteer submitted their application with the Crew, we would get them started in Scoutbook, with restricted connection permissions, but show their new position. That would then show what training was required and we could monitor it to see that it was completed. Then we could submit the application to the Council, for them to process. Without Scoutbook sync, we can’t monitor this nearly as easily.
Please bring back the sync.
Thank you

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David - please see this from the March Blog:

Scoutbook.com – Training course completed information

Scoutbook is not the training tracker for the BSA any longer (and will not be updated). Please refer to https://my.Scouting.org for official training tracking. Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to https://my.Scouting.org training center and reports. There are multiple advantages to this change to one source of training information. Among these are having Training reports for all your positions, council, district and unit; having Training reports for your units; receiving Training reports that roll up; and Training reports for the different units that you manage.

Copy the blog post. I can’t use my.scouting.org Training Manager to track training on someone who isn’t already registered in our Crew, and the Council won’t register someone in the Crew until they’re fully trained. It’s Catch-12.

Additionally, when someone changed positions, for example a Committee Member moved to be an Associate Advisor, we can change that in Scoutbook immediately and it reflected the required training, immediately. My.Scouting.Org doesn’t have that flexibility.

I’ve logged in many times now over the last few weeks to sync and watched the little “Syncing Training” icon spin then appear to be successful, only to find out it was a waste of time.

If Scoutbook sync is no longer working, intentionally, then remove the sync button. Post a message across the screen that says “this is no longer working.” Remove the report completely. Replace the report with that blog post. But don’t leave the screens and buttons the same as they were, without actually working.


Hi, @DavidBoles,

The best I can recommend from my experience is to have the person provide you with their BSA ID number (my.scouting automatically assigns one when they login the first time) and/or their my.scouting username so that you can search the information on what courses they have taken. For anyone not yet showing in training manager, that’s the only way I know of to “officially” track training.

That said, when I just clicked on the Legacy Tools “Training Validation”, which is how I used to chase this, it kicks me to a “myscouting.org is now my.scouting.org” splash page. I can’t figure out how to get that legacy interface to pop up now.

Charley - the legacy training validation is best accessed outside of the scoutbook session.

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And that’s part of my frustration with leaving the Scoutbook Trained Leaders Report hanging out there, as if fully functional, when it isn’t.
When it worked, I went to one place and ran one report and saw what I needed to see. Other leaders could see it, too. We could cover each others’ backs.
Now, I’m supposed to check my.scouting.org Training Manager, which can’t be seen by some of our folks, and also check a “Legacy Tool” that runs a completely different way.


It may be best to explain how the scoutbook trained leader report worked in the first place. The database contains a table with training codes so when the sync happened it scraped the legacy training validation page and if data points matched it was added to the scoutbook view. If there was no match then nothing was entered. In order for the process to continue to work the table needed to be updated for each and every training code as they were changed at my.scouting. Rather then devote time and resources to continually maintaining a flat table the decision was made to migrate away from scoutbook showing the modules. Scoutbook was never the authority for training validation anyway. Now the access to training reports in my.scouting are for the Key 3, and the delegates and I recall the unit training chair.

Although Scoutbook Trained Leader Report was easier for me, I understand the need to move limited resources to work on something else.
But if the decision was announced back in March, the Trained Leader Report should have been removed as an option either then or soon after. Remove the report, the sync button, popup a warning when someone tried to sync or put a warning across the page that it’s inop, but do not just leave it all out there, without actually working.
I understand y’all are SUAC and not programmers, so please push that to the prioritization folks that they’ve left the task unfinished. Thank you

The work around for now =

Use the Legacy Training search feature to see what training is done, then, when the all the position training is completed, manually enter into Scoutbook the in person training code that matches the position. Then the Scoutbook training report at least shows who is trained and who isn’t; no percentages though.

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They just need to make it clear, right there on the Trained Leader Report, that it doesn’t sync.
It I manually enter it into Scoutbook, it still shows percentages, they’re just jacked up because it’s still looking for the OLD Venturing Youth Protection that no longer exists, so folks won’t be 100% trained nor show the Trained patch. But it’s still a better snapshot for us than the legacy ScoutNET system.

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David - I really thought that I explained why that would happen. Perhaps I need to explain it in a different way but I am unsure how to do that.

Stephen, no I understand. I appreciate the explanation. Thanks for all y’all do!

The BSA did not Change the training code for YPT. Scoutbook pulls YPT data in automatically each night. It is the other training courses, like those starting with SCO_4 that are not imported into Scoutbook.

The BSA is moving towards links to my.scouting.org’s training reports. It takes time to get all systems involved updated.

Ed, I agree the codes didn’t change. Y01 is still Y01. But the system is still looking for Y02 (Venturing Youth Protection) to count some people as fully trained, even if they’ve completed Y01, which replaced Y02 for Venturing adults.
I get it… the Scoutbook team has moved away from the Trained Leader Report changes and syncing, but the the sync button needs to be removed and there needs to be something on the report screen that tells users it doesn’t sync.

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they just abandoned the ScoutBook training sync!?! I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. As the Pack Trainer I’ve been using it for years for a reason. Our Pack had ScoutBook long before BSA took over, and now they have purposefully taken away a great feature!
I fully understand that ScoutBook was never the ‘official’ source for training, but the fact is that it was always a much BETTER source. So much more user-friendly, easily understandable, quicker, and efficient than any of the My.Scouting tools.
All Scouts’ advancement & awards are in ScoutBook, why not just ALL people’s stuff be in there too? Why should adults be in a separate site with a separate process, when BSA now owns them both & merging them anyways?
I will personally volunteer to update that table as course #s change every few years, it will help me & many others tremendously.

The Training Manager only shows the leader roster according to council, and 75% of the year it is quite wrong. It only gets updated long after re-charter, and is often full of mistakes or missing people, and good luck getting anyone to correct it. Useless for me to be able to help or track any new parent/leader. The format of the report from there is confusing to look at, course “To Do’s” are inaccurate & inconsistent. Even with the Search Training I cannot tell what modules came from what sections of training, so if someone changes positions it is very difficult.

The Legacy Training Validation is terrible, a search by name NEVER works, you must know their MemberID, which I must now refer back to a ScoutBook report to find because the roster in My.Scouting never updates. Even when you find someone by MemberID the list of training courses is so poorly formatted I cannot tell what’s what or if they are complete with required courses, I would have to manually cross compare to the Requirements pdf, who has time for that? Besides being marked Legacy that’s sure to disappear any day.

Now that I’m done ranting, I’ll go sulk cuz NO ONE will ever want to take Pack Trainer position from me now. If you make it difficult/confusing/misleading to volunteer, no one is gonna want to volunteer.


Josh - can you tell us how you really feel? The trained leader report in scoutbook has been way off since the training has been modified the first time. I do understand that you and others relied on it but the man hours required to make relivent far out way other priorities.

Stephen, the Scoutbook training report is only off if you do not manually maintain it. When a person finished their position specific training, you can create an in-person training entry for them so they display as trained. Because the unit controls who is displayed and their position[s], the display can be accurate to what is really happening in the unit. Yes, it takes some time to do this, but much less time than searching My.Scouting training records for folks that are not on your My.Scouting roster.


Doug, that’s a good point. We can continue using the Trained Leaders Report manually.
It just shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who thinks it still syncs, because when you click the button, it says it is. There’s an easy fix for that.

Doug - yes you certainly can manually add items but just that they will never show as scoutnet certified.

Scoutbook is so much easier to use than my.scouting.org. I have no idea why they want to regress like this.