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Training reports and how to find courses

When running the adult leader training, I now get dumped through several page redirections to a report with a bunch of SCO numbers.

How ‘exactly’ does one translate these SCO course identifiers into something meaningful, and how ‘exactly’ does one then find those courses in My Learning to be completed?

Robert, BSA has posted the training requirements (pdf) on their adult training page. The pdf lists the course codes and titles. Then use the position and section titles to choose the correct learning plan on ScoutingU to find the course you want to take.

Typically, a person arranges their own training by logging into My.Scouting (or now, through Scoutbook), clicking the right hand training graphic (or others spots on My Training) to open ScoutingU, and assigning the learning plans they want to take. There are instructions on how to do this on the page. Then the person completes the learning plans by completing all modules assigned.

The training report shows all current means for completing training. If a person completed training through the 2015-18 modules, they will show as trained, but their modules won’t show, as those modules have been discontinued.

Scoutbook is primarily an advancement tracking tool. On the my.Scouting Tools website, which is where I suspect you found yourself, there are two sets of training management tools, those for individuals and those for groups (e.g. unit, district, council, etc.)

Individual Training Reports

Online tools are on the my.Scouting Tools website. "Menu > My Dashboard (My Training). If your BSA position is registered in the BSA membership database, basic position specific online training will show under “Requirements”. Training is online or in person, or online and in person

SCO Training Modules IDs

These are used by the BSA Learn Center for online training. Most, but not all, current SCO training modules for basic position-specific training are listed in the position-specific training requirements document available at the Training for Adults web page under .“Position-Specific (Role-Based) Courses > Basic Leader Requirements > More Information”. .

Unit Trained Leader Report

This spreadsheet report available to unit key-3 leaders and unit training chair has different columns for looking at online and in-person training status for all registered adult leaders.

If you are the individual Scouter, you can log in at, click on the “Menu” button, then “My Dashboard”, then click on the “Requirements” tab. If the Scouter is trained for a particular registered position, then they will see the “Trained” patch icon.

If you are one of the unit’s Key 3, a Key 3 Delegate, or the Unit Training Chair, then you can use the Training Manager at Click on “Search Training” (the magnifying glass icon), click on the name(s) of the Scouter whose training status you want to see. Then click on “Print Member Training Report” (looks like a document icon). This report will list Additional Training Needed (if any) with course names for the courses that are still needed.

I have noticed that some of my training (which was up to date in the former Scoutbook Leader Training Report) is now missing in the training report on My training was correct overall between the two reports last year, i.e., some was in ScoutBook and other training in Is there a procedure for getting these discrepancies corrected?

@DavidRounds - as my.scouting is the official record and scoutbook did not present training there, what exactly is missing ? Does my.scouting show your status as trained ?

To find your complete list of courses taken you need to go to My Dahsboard in (there is a link on the Scoutbook landing page) then click on Completions. This is your official training record. If something is missing you need to contact your council or

Scoutbook previously showed training completed at our council “Scout University” event in 2016. Those items do not now show in


That means those courses were never officially recorded in Someone from your unit manually added them to Scoutbook. A Key 3 member of your unit, member of your district or council training committees or council registrar can add training that is missing to your official record.

Hi Ed,

I think there is a disconnect between the training records on and “Scouting U” – the new online training system. There are classes that it says I need to take in as a result of a new Crew startup, yet, those same classes are not available at the Scouting U link.


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When I found that classes I completed at a sub-Area run commissioner college had not been entered by the council several years ago, contacting the folks running the college triggered a local council audit for all folks (mostly commissioners and prospective commissioners) who attended that particular college several years after the event.

I suspect your council training committee chair (usually an elected council member at large or a chartered organization representative) also needs to notified that the University of Scouting courses were not entered by the council registrar so that council training committee can take a look at the problem.

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