BSA ID Cards for Philmont - Where Can I Find/Print

Two of our contingent don’t have their BSA ID cards, and my husband says the scouts are supposed to have the cards with them when they travel. Where can I find and print the ID cards? I have full access to the scouts’ records in Scoutbook, but don’t see an ID card, only the BSA ID number.



Membership cards can be printed from

However, there is NO BSA requirement to have membership cards while traveling.


If you have the right permissions, you can print them at my.scouting:

Go to your unit Roster page.
Select one or more individuals.
Click on the “Print” button.
Click on “Membership Cards”.
Then print to pdf

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@ShaunaWilliams might want to check with council - I have never heard of that policy and do not immediately see it online - sounds like the have to be in uniform to travel myth


Our Council is where that information came from. Not the first time we’ve been instructed to do something that is not required by National.

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