Membership ID cards

Hi, I’m sorry if I’m not in the right place. I had a question about printing membership cards. I am the scout master for Caro Troop 570 and one of the three key people. When I go to > Menu > there is no troop or manage members. There is a manage member ID. Can you help with this? Thanks Jim

@JamesWill where you using this log in?

Non-paper membership card option?

myScouting app

The myScouting app is a tool for adult volunteers.
I am using the myScouting app on an android device,
Version 6.3.10 build 1135

On the home screen it has a “View ID Pass” button that displays a screen that lists my registered positions, When I select one of my registered positions it displays a “Membership Card” screen with:

  • Member ID (number)
  • Name
  • Position (title)
  • Expires (date)
  • Organization Name
  • QR code square

Scoutbook app

It would be interesting to know if the Scoutbook app being used by a Scout can display a membership card screen for the Scout.