Can parent print scout membership card?

An out of Council scout is attending summer camp with us - not registered with our unit. The camp wants us to have proof of BSA registration for everyone. Can a parent print the BSA membership card of their child? if so will you give me the steps (parent only see option to print their own card). Is there another report a parent could print that demonstrates current registration?

@ConstanceF no they cannot - the only way would be having the Scout have their own account following these steps.

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Then Scout could log in > My Profile > Registrations > Download Membership Card

There’s a membership pass in the red scouting app that parents can see for their children. Clicking add takes you to something that looks a little like the traditional membership cards. Not sure if that works or not.


You do have other options…

You can have the parent ask one of the Scouts Unit Key 3 members.
They can print the youths’ membership card from My Scouting Tools’s “Roster” function. After selecting the Scout, It appears as one of the options under “Print”.
Also, any Commissioner in the Scouts’ home District has access to do the same thing.

Hope that helps!


Thank you - that is what they did - had the scout set up their own account and print the card. But it is good to know for the future that parents cannot do this from their accounts.