BSA ID Number help

Hello, can someone help me, I have an adult who has 2 ID numbers. 12415371 & 14214233, he is unable to connect to his scout and the profile ID says Changemyemail, however, when he logs in to change his email, it says he does not have access to that page and needs to contact someone. Is this something someone here is able to assist with?

@JamieHaller This should be fixed.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.

I have one too, can you assist??
SB ID 12274766 & BSA ID 13986857

@JoannaVoss That is correct - it is just 2 different Unique identifiers for the same user. One is the BSA membership number and one is the Scoutbook User number

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@JoannaVoss - the SB user ID is the sequential number for when the user record entered the database. Mine is SB User ID:30744 BSA Member ID:128521200

Thank you @Stephen_Hornak . This is the first time i am seeing this, the adult brought it to my attention is was (is) concerned .

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