BSA National Historic Trails

What is the process to get trails added to the BSA National Historic Trails list?

that is a council question - never even heard of that program

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Yes, the award is now administered by the Councils, but the trail list is on the national web site.


You still need to contact your Council. They are the only ones who can open tickets on members behalf.


Okay, will do. Thanks!

That site is kind of a Joke - I live in Waco and there is no Historic Waco Trail. and it is pretty useless as there are no links to info

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Yes, I agree, but that is the site referenced by Requirement #1 on of the award application. I have had several units ask about the award recently and so I am doing my best to try to get the list of applicable trails in my Council updated on that list. However, there is not contact information for updating that list nor is there documentation available for requirements for a trail to even be on that list! :frowning:

Hate to say my opinion - but this sounds like an old BSA Committee of volunteers that has stopped or died off. Alot of awards like this (that national has dropped to councils) were built and supported like that.

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The award is still listed at Awards Central, though.

At any rate, you will need to go through your local council.

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