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The local council provides a 5-part award associated with the Battle of Gettysburg. It is a pretty big deal for the scouts to obtain. I was able to add custom awards in TroopTrack but find no way of doing this in Scoutbook. Is there a way to add custom awards? If not, how do keep track of custom awards in Scoutbook? Thanks.

Custom awards are not currently supported.

@JesseTeitelbaum The BSA does have a Historic Trails Award. I do not know how much overlap there might be with your local council’s award.

You might be able to post notes for each Scout under the Historic Trails Award in Scoutbook.

Your council might also be able to add custom awards with their Registrar Tools, but I am not sure about that.

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Thanks. I’ll check with my council to see if they can add custom awards.
Where do I find the BSA’s Historic Trails award? I clicked on Quick Entry and then Enter Awards, but it’s not in the list. I also wanted to award a few scouts for Polar Bear Plunge, but that’s not in the list either. I would think that this was a pretty common award for scouts, but I don’t see it.

Awards Central:

In Scoutbook, you can go to a [Scout]'s Awards page, and it should be listed there.

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Polar Bear Plunge is not a national award.


@JesseTeitelbaum - Historic Trails info

I see it in the Awards Central page you posted, but not in Scoutbook.


Sorry. I should have said this is for cub scouts. I guess the Historic Trails is just for troop level.

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