Cub Scout Activity Logs Transfering to Troop

Hello- I read a thread re tracking and transfer of credits for activities from July 22 that indicated that hours earned for service and camping during a scouts cub scouting career could be used towards awards that the scout would earn during their BSA scouting career.

"JenniferOlingerScoutbook User Advisory Council

No, but nights of camping, miles hikes, and some service hours can count towards certain awards, such as the National Outdoor Awards."

I just want to confirm this as I’m urging parents to track all activities.

What do you want confirmed @DianaSmith ? It is activities “under the auspices of the BSA” - so events with unit (not family activities). So the Unit should be entering them so they are official, or the unit needs to approve them.

If our unit is tracking service and camping hours for our Cubs, can they use those hours towards awards they can receive up at the troop level.

As long as troop get them - if they are being tracked in the Internet Advancement / Scoutbook + system - as long as the Troop uses the same they would have them

It depends on the wording of the award requirements. Some only count activities from the time they joined scouts BSA. Others go back and include Cub Scout activities.

Within the scouts’ profiles, scouts who are in the older scout programs have a field to track when they joined that program. Many of the reports for activities have an option to filter based on that.

Are troops allowed to opt out of Scoutbook/ Internet Advancement? If they troop the scout is crossing over to doesn’t use the online tracking and uses paper tracking, as I imagine that is the only options, can we provide them with a print out of proof to show the unit approved camping/service hours?

Just so we’re clear, please confirm that yes, the scouts can use their unit approved camping and service hours earned during their cub scout career towards the National Outdoor Awards eligible to scouts at the troop level.

This really isn’t the place to ask program questions. These forums are geared forward tech questions.

How do I find out which ones include CS activities?

Got it. Who can I ask?

The troop does report certain things, like advancement in Internet Advancement, but that doesn’t mean they need to use all of the features. You’d need to talk to them about how they’d want that communicated, but a list from Scoutbook seems like a good start.

Usually reading the requirements is a good place to start. Aside from the national outdoor activity awards, looks at the scouts bsa ranks, and hiking and camping merit badges.

Your council professionals or a round table would help.

I read through the requirements listed on the BSA website: National Outdoor Awards Program | Boy Scouts of America

and I didn’t read anything calling out specifically which of these awards are eligible for using CS hours. I’ll reach out to someone in our District and COuncil. Thanks,

@DianaSmith There are more details in the Scouts BSA Requirements book.

Regardless, you can still enter service hours, miles hiked, etc. in the activity logs if they are done under the auspices and standards of the BSA. It’s good to have a good record of these kinds of activities whether or not they might count for some future award.

Thank you so much for the help!

This is more of a general comment, there is a way to produce a Cub Scout’s records in a single report. In Scoutbook, there is the Cub Scout History Report which details when various advancements and awards were completed. If done under the Pack level, Scouts who’ve moved on may still be listed.

Internet Advancement has the same report. Aggregate service hours, miles hiked, nights camped will be listed (although not in detail) with the Scoutbook triggered report, but it will be in detail for Internet Advancement generated one. These activities would have been entered in Internet Advancement “under the auspices”.

The history report generates a QR code (which I presume will run the same thing - I didn’t have SSO enabled, so it failed for me). When my boys crossed over, I made sure to print the history and activity reports and save them on my computer - just in case…

@DianaSmith Aside from camping nights, hiking miles and service hours, our pack also tracks aquatics hours and riding miles for the National Outdoor Awards. We wish we could do this in the activity log, and it seems that when the log migrated to a new interface a couple years ago, that would have been an ideal time to add that function. Nevertheless, we track it on a spreadsheet and then provide that file to the troop advancement chair when the Scout moves on.

Check the award requirements carefully. The types of things that qualify are more numerous than they sound. We keep details by subcategory.

For clarification on how to apply this information, yes, for NOA awards/medal, Cub Scout activities count: Interpreting 'under the auspices' in National Outdoor Awards requirements - Aaron On Scouting

(The official blog of BSA)

Stepen got there before I could.
He has posted the reference where the guy who wrote the program specifically says that Pack level activities count towards the NOA.
I made an involved spreadsheet with a tab for each section that feeds a main sheet that shows how far along the Scout is. I used it to track my son’s progress. If we figure out a way, I can send a copy to whomever wants it.
I am reading the original question as asking if Scoutbook can do the transfer of activities. I doubt if it can. (But it should given that the intent is for all to count) I would suggest your parents do what you are saying. I did that after a few years of my son being in Scouts and it was not fun.

A note on the medals; I was told that ScoutShop system is now ordering the medals. For a while they were getting extremely rare. I would verify that before having someone do all that is required for the medal. The medal is quite involved. It goes way past just getting the patch sections.
Yes, my son got the medal.

There isn’t a transfer of activities. All activities are in the database. There are some reports that use a filter to filter out activities that were done prior to joining a program (for example: Scouts BSA), but you can select the option to show all activities.

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