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New IA 2.0 Activity Logs - (1) Cub Scout camping showing for BSA Scouts and (2) General Troop Activity Tracking

Regarding the new Internet Advancement 2.0 Activity Logs, I have two questions:

(1) I see that hours of camping earned as a Cub Scout are showing up in the Activity Reports of BSA Scouts (fna Boy Scouts). Is there a way to fix that so it only shows hours earned in the Boy Scout program? and

(2) Is there a way to track general troop activities that do not fall within the sub-groups of camping, service or hiking? For example, if we have a troop lock-in, it would count toward the requirement of 10 troop activities, but there is no way to track that in IA 2.0 Activity Reports.

Joey Aiello

(1) The reason that the activity logs (old and new) show Cub Scout service, camping, and hiking is because they can count towards the National Outdoor Awards if done under the “auspices and standards of the BSA” and otherwise meet the requirements.

(2) The answer to this is complicated, because for there are different definitions of “camping” for different purposes. For JTE purposes, a unit can include lock-ins as short term camping. It would be at the Scoutmaster & Committee Chairs discretion whether to count a lock-in as short term camping for JTE purposes. There are different ways to handle this:

a) One way is to include lock-ins on the Camping log, but use a “0” for nights of camping.

b) Another option is to use the Scoutbook calendar to help keep track of attendance. You can then use the Attendance Report to help keep track.

c) You can use Scoutbook’s Notepad & Comments feature to add notes to an individual requirement or at the bottom of a rank, merit badge, or award.