Bug in council merit badge counselor report

  1. Hardware: Desktop web
  2. OS: Windows 10
  3. Chrome Version 98.0.4758.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  4. Browser cache has been cleared
  5. Every merit badge counselor with more than 256 characters of merit badge names in every council
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So, the actual issue has nothing to do with any of the info you requested. The problem is that the “council merit badge counselor list” report in my.scouting strips the first character from the merit badge names in the second and subsequent columns.

Here are the steps to reproduce:
my.scouting | menu | (council) | roster > reports | council merit badge counselor listing | run > export to CSV

The “awards_p02” and subsequent columns have the first character of the merit badge name removed. This only occurs when a merit badge counselor has enough merit badges that the length of all the names, joined together, exceeds 256 characters.

For example, I have the following 2 columns for one of my counselors:

awards_p01: Family Life, Fire Safety, Exploration, Pulp and Paper, American Cultures, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Bird Study, Geology, Space Exploration, Engineering, Astronomy, Railroading, Collections, Horsemanship, Fish and Wildlife Management, Insect Study,

awards_p02: otor Boating, Nature

Note that “otor Boating” is not a merit badge.

This problem was reported months ago and has never been fixed. District and council merit badge counselor coordinators can’t get an accurate report out of the system because the merit badge names are incorrect.

I have reported this to the report developers.

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