Registered Merit Badge counselor not showing badges in merit badge counselor report

Our council registrar has listed a user as an MBC with several badges listed. However, the “council merit badge counselor list” report shows 0 badges.

I can DM you the row from the downloaded CSV with 0 badges and a screenshot from the registrar of the person record showing the badges listed.

In addition, this user is NOT in the scoutbook download (mbc details). However, a user with a DIFFERENT member ID but the same name & email is listed with the appropriate badges (but that member ID does NOT appear in the my.scouting counselor report download).

  1. Desktop
  2. Windows 10
  3. Chrome
  4. Cache doesn’t change the result
  5. 131120059 & 591

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@JamesBrown13 Unit recharter did this - I will fix

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Isn’t there something deeper here that needs a look?

I have a user in my.scouting (registrar side) that has merit badges, but the report (council merit badge counselor listing) out of the very same system doesn’t show those badges.

I have a user in my.scouting that doesn’t show up in scoutbook.

I have a user in scoutbook that doesn’t show in the my.scouting report.

Scoutbook seems to have conflated these two users who, according to my registrar, have different DOBs associated with their accounts but otherwise seem to be the same person.

To me this is a big deal. Aren’t these two systems supposed to be synced up? Why do these data consistency errors between the two continue to manifest?

Why is the data and reporting, from the same system (my.scouting), not consistent?

If there’s something “wrong” with the data, why isn’t that being detected, flagged, and fixed either by some automated process or at least surfaced so a human can take a look and correct it (as you are doing now)?

A few changes in processes just had unintended consequences this year which are being addressed and fixed.

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Almost all my MBCs have lost their MBCstatus. Is this the same error?

No. That is likely a “recharter” issue. Just like units having to recharter, there are different phases of recharter for districts and councils. The same situation could happen where commissioners all of a sudden, who aren’t multipled, would all lose access.

@RebeccaClark without providing BSA # we can give no information

@RebeccaClark - please do be aware that the MBC position is NOT A UNIT position… they are dependent upon council recharter

I thought all units rechartered in Dec and all district / council positions recharter in May. Is that not the case across all councils?

My MBC role is valid through 31 Dec of this year, so I have to assume it’s not uniform everywhere.

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No, this is not the same in all Councils. In my council, District and Council membership end May 31. Unit charters expire August 31.

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Interesting. Good to know.

@JamesBrown13 In my council, council and district positions end March 31st.

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I don’t know if my issue is related. I don’t see any merit badge counselors for my unit. I’ve looked in the roster builder report, where it shows the adult leaders but none have MBC roles. I have looked in my own profile.

  1. Desktop
  2. Windows 10
  3. Chrome
  4. Incognito does not affect
  5. 135837717, Adventure West Council 062

@TheodoreScheiblich On Rooster Builder - if you turn on MBC Options their MBs would show that they counsel

I appreciate the reply, Donovan. I have turned on the MBC Options, the column shows in the report, but there are no merit badges listed for any adult leaders in the troop - the boxes are blank.

@TheodoreScheiblich there may be no MBCs - if you give bsa #s we can look

I should have merit badges registered on my account: 135837717. You can also check 4022808 or 126003659.

@TheodoreScheiblich you have never been a MBC under that number - and I do not see a Dupe of name - the other 2 positions ended last June

So then I interpret that to mean we have no active MBC’s in our unit, if the report below is correct. I’ll check on this with the council. Thanks again.