Bug in scoutmaster training

Under the Aims of Scouting quiz for Scoutmaster training- all of the database values are being recognized as “Religious Study”. I am unable to move forward in the training because I keep getting a fail on the quiz. Screenshot is attached. Please advise. Thank you!

There are multiple threads on this issue, all reporting the same non-bug. Without providing the answer, I can say that, although the error message is somewhat cryptic, your response is not the best possible response.

I would look through the information on the Aims and Methods of Scouting at troopleader.scouting.org (The Boy Scouts of America's Mission, Vision, Aims, and Methods - Troop Leader Resources) to get better insight into this question. The information is also presented in the online training, but as someone who is more visual than auditory, I find the written info easier to digest, as it were.

I’m super confused- the error says “the answer is NOT religious study” - as you can see I have not selected religious study. I have tried multiple combinations of answers and all are indicated that I have selected “religious” study- which I have not.

OK never mind- thanks :blush: - I thought I had tried the three combination already got it!