How do I add new scouts to existing events efficiently?

I have 10-15 new scouts who have crossed over into our troop.
I have ~100 existing events in our 2024 calendar.

Is the only available option really to go into every event and individually add all of those new scouts?

And then I have to do the same for all of their patrol events? (Thankfully, a much smaller number!)

You could use the old calendar and the extension to add new members for now

No…you can’t…because you cannot navigate to the old calendar from your dashboard.

yes you can @JoeMcKinley - go to IA Calendar and go to bottom of page.

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No…you can’t.

Try it.

You can navigate to the old calendar, but if you don’t navigate there from your dashboard, the extension doesn’t include the function to add scouts to existing events.

just did and it went right through - now as far as the extension working have not tested that - @GaryFeutz

In my opinion, adding new scouts to existing events needs to go to the top of the backlog.

Without this functionality, the calendar is too painful to use.



You have to go to the My Dashboard page in Scoutbook. Automatically adding new Scouts cannot be done until the Scoutbook calendar is completely turned off.


Ok, I can access it there. Thank you.

Unfortunately…the extension doesn’t work anymore. :disappointed:

After I select the events/scouts, it stays a greyed out screen, but nothing happens.


Make sure you have the latest version of the extension.

I take that back. It actually performed the update. It just got stuck in modal mode afterward.

I’d agree, but this wasn’t even a core feature before.

It’s an important use case to having a successful program!

Similar issue but for removing scouts no longer in the unit.

Specific use case - AOLs who “graduate” but do not actually move up to a new unit. Their dens are disbanded because everyone else joined a Troop.

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If membership ends in SB they are auto dropped from events I believe still

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I agree, but this is a feature request vs. something that was there before but gone / broken now.

That was not the case I found out today. It only cleared out scouts/families that were transferred to a different unit

It only clears them out when you next edit the event.

I didn’t have that experience

It did that in the old calendar system, have you experienced that in the new one?