Calendar defaults to maybe

I found a comment from 2019 on this same question. The default for the calendar is maybe. This does not allow us to tell if someone responded or not. Please add a “no response” option and set as default.

There is a No response option. The member needs to go to the calendar and change their RSVP status from Maybe to No. if you use the reminder feature there will be a link included in the email to set their rsvp status.

The biggest problem I have found is people not responding at all. For some reason our society has changed from one where responding to rave requests was common to one where it is very rare.

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Thanks. I am looking for a way to tell that someone has not responded vs saying yes, no or maybe. As it is now we do not know if the “maybe” means they “maybe” will attend or that they have not responded at all.

In my book Maybe means no response. Because you can gain no useful data from it, so it is a basically a no. As even packs are doing good to get 50% of parents to sign in one time, RSVP is a near lost cause to my units.

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Maybe means they haven’t answered yes or no. It is “no response”.

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