RSVP Option Review - AGAIN

I see this has been talked about for over 4 years.

Again, we would like the addition of a option to be added and be the default for RSVPs?

This way we would know who actually did anything with the RSVP. A default of maybe doesn’t tell us much.

If the addition of isn’t available, could the default be set to no?

I agree that something indicating whether or not an individual has interacted with the invitation (i.e. distinguishing between an “intentional” maybe and an default/unread “maybe”) would be ideal. However, I would oppose the default being set to “No”. “No” implies that someone has interacted with the invitation. Furthermore, it would confuse people who are trying to plan. Is that “No” a real “No” (i.e. someone took the time to respond and would have set it) or is it just a default “No”.

Treating a “Maybe” as a “No” is one approach that a lot of units have adopted, although it requires some education of the parents/scouts so that they realize that a failure to respond one way or the other will be treated as a “No” after a certain date. One way to actively differentiate a “real” maybe from a “default” maybe is to ask folks who are intentionally saying “Maybe” to add a comment to the event below the RSVP list. That way, the event organizer (or whoever set it up in Scoutbook, anyway) will get an email notification of the comment, and can notify the relevant folks as appropriate.

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The BSA has been in bankruptcy for over 3 of those 4. So, it isn’t surprising this still waits.

If you pay close close attention to the change log, they talk about bug fixes in a beta version of the calendar. I assume once that is released, we will see many desired features OR desired features will be easier to add. Until that is released, we likely won’t see ANY feature changes (other than show stopping bug fixes) with the current calendaring system.

We tell the unit we only guarantee supplies for those who responds yes, but we may have extras.

We have also started putting some events on Facebook just because you can see who has seen a post and ask them to RSVP there.

We kind of take both lists and put them together.

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