Fix the RSVP "maybe" default and options

Change the default setting in the event status or RSVP from a question mark to No Reply. The question mark should only appear AFTER the individual has responded by selecting Maybe. In current form, you can’t distinguish a lack of response from a Maybe reply. This has been requested months ago, more than once, with replies of “We expect it to be fixed in the next big overhaul,” then the column is locked and closed…and still no change.


Thank you for your input. This is already on the list of requested changes to the Event / Calendar module. BSA Development had mentioned that a major calendar update was being considered, but has since seemed to pull back on the when part. I may be very wrong, but I doubt there will be much basic functionality change to the module until that major upgrade. Of course other things like the App or DLE may drive some changes.

Thank you for the response. Good to know someone is reading these. If there is any opportunity for feedback up the line, I would strongly suggest this is a basic and troublesome functionality feature that needs addressed before a lot of other features I see mentioned in the forums. There’s a world of extra options the website apparently can or could do but this one is a barrier to simply counting responses to a planned event. And I think it is a fairly basic IT fix.

Thanks again. I’m sure you put up with a lot of complaining emails. I don’t mean to pile on.

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