Calendar 'Event Description' not allowing enough characters

Trying to enter our weekly Troop Meetings. We always list important upcoming dates and what will be happening at the meeting for this week. The Event Description field shows 621/6553 at the bottom, which I take to mean that I have only used 621 characters of a possible 6553 for the field, however when I try to post I receive a message “Error: Description length must be less than or equal to 250 characters long”

I hope this is a glitch and not a permanent restriction! Limiting our weekly meeting descriptions to 250 characters will require me to also send a weekly update in a completely separate email, doubling my work. (One hour a week?)


I just added an event with over 800 characters in the description. Please try again and let us know if you still have this issue.

I @edavignon - I had a unit leader report the same issue today:

looks like this may still be an outstanding issue?

@PaulLanzi - I just added an event wot 866 characters without issue. I suggest a browser page hard refresh for this user.


Can you get me the BSA Member ID for this individual? Please do not post a name.

@edavignon - sure, it’s 13584819

The developers have found that this is related to turning on Recurring Event. The workaround for now is to not create recurring events with more than 250 characters in the description.

The limit will be removed so that recurring events can have a description the same length as a one time event. The fix will be announced in the Change Log.

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