When editing an event, the character limit is applied to the title

I went in to edit a previous/past event. Now it won’t save because of character limit. Obviously I can edit the event title but should probably be looked at.


@TravisStephens - I see that as well…not a huge thing as I put details in the description but should be looked at …perhaps


I have asked the developers to increase the Event Name field to whatever the limit is in the Scoutbook calendar. It is at least 50 characters in Scoutbook as I just created an event there with 50 characters but was not able to edit it in IA.

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What I did, as a work around (maybe you implied this) was to reduce it down. But then you see that 35 is so so small.

Yes, I reduced it down so it would save. Eventually it would be irrelevant since all future events would be created in IA with the 35 character limit so it may not not be worth troubleshooting but figured it was worth mentioning.

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The developers have confirmed the limit will be increased to match SB.


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