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Calendar for Linked Troop

Is there anything in the works to help Linked Troops have shared events on their Calendars?

We have an event coming up that our brother Troop will be attending with us, we have room for 25 Scouts between the two Troops. It would be great if our RSVPs could be linked so that we can easily see when to close down because we are maxed out.

We have multiple events like this through our chartered organization. Perhaps that could be the key - adding a Chartered Org. calendar as an option that encompasses both Troop calendars as subsets? You could then allow the Unit Admins for both Troops to see/adjust the Chart. Org. calendar, while participants just see the Troop subset and interact with that. That last part would only be IF privacy were an issue, I don’t think any of the families in our Troops would mind the other Troop being able to see the info.

an admin in both units can make the event and put it on both calendars and the RSVP would function that way - but they have to be admin for both units

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By “would function that way”, do you mean that the admin could see all the attendees in their calendar? or the admin could look at each calendar and decide when to close the event?

I am trying to understand if you mean it would be a single event showing up in both places, or two events, but the admin can see them both? I don’t see how the RSVP would have all the Scouts from both Troops as you described it.

Thanks for the help!

It would be a single event showing on both calendars

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That’s actually a pretty fancy trick for feeder packs / troops. I know that a number of units that have a good pack/troop relationship do joint events (helps with getting a good stream of cubs to join scouts).

Just make sure if you add a single event to two or more unit calendars that those who may need to edit the event are able to edit the calendar in both units.

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