Linked troops in the new calendar system

Looks like I will have to create two entries for all of the events for both of the troops that are a part of our linked troop. This is a huge amount of extra time to manage both calendars, notifications, RSVP lists, etc. This will need to be fixed for the new calendar to function properly OR Scouts BSA will have to figure out how to have co-ed troops like all other parts of scouting in the US and abroad.

At this point, I am voting that our linked troop does not use Scoutbook for the calendar. We can use Google Calendar instead.

Thanks for making things less effective and efficient for volunteers that already don’t have a ton of free time.

@CarrieHaber - at the bottom of the create event is this:

This is where you would add the other units

Before asking why, ask if.

I stand by my comment. The new system is clunky and takes more time to enter in the same information. I added notifications to send now and none of us received anything. I am sure, over time, things will get better but the transition will be painful.

@CarrieHaber - perhaps you should time how long it takes to enter something in both and see what the results are. Of course change is always bad

My point was that it supports 2 units when you stated it didn’t.

Does the system support two units? Yes.

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I still need to add two events, one for each unit, to track activities since the system won’t let you do it when both units are under one event. “Activities cannot be created within events that include multiple units/sub-units.”
Plus the duplicate event function is still not working so I need to enter all of the data twice.

When it comes to Troop meetings or other events where both troops attend I am able to add both troops, as was show to you above, and it shows up for both unit’s calendars. I am able to use RSVP, email reminders, etc. from that one event entry.

@JClark-T71 - actually you could as the pop-up states add the log from each unit’s log section without having to create a duplicate event.

How would you handle log entries from scoutbook

Assumptions ahead:
From event page mark attendance and then mark the activity, days camped, miles hikes, hours served etc. Very easy and straightforward. All without having to create the event in the Activity Log as it will be created for me.
The more data that I don’t have to type the better.
I have yet to use the IA calendar for this. We have a campout in 2 weeks. This will be my test.

Currently when using SB:
Open Activity Log for the unit entering data for. Create activity event, e.g. campout, enter in all relevant info plus all attendees then number of day and nights.
Switch to the other unit and open Activity Log, repeat the process…

If the system is smart enough to know what scouts are in each troop when I do RSVPs then why not be smart enough to create the activity in the correct Activity Log?

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