RSVP's have been cleared

So I woke to a wonderful text message from our Activities chair. Seems the March 22nd update, wiped out all of the RSVPs for events. We used this for reports, on who is going and keeping track of the event. All are gone. Can these be restored?


We have already reported this to the developers. It appears only events that were on the calendars of multiple units were affected. Watch the change log for further announcements.


As a note, the developers should add this as a testing use case. Many linked troops use ScoutBook in this way when they hold meetings and campouts together.

Bill Cunnane

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Our troop had this issue as well. We use a linked calendar for the Boy and Girl troops. The invite list for calendar events were also modified, most of those invited were removed from all events.

Most unpleasant surprise. Hopefully the responses can be restored.

We also use it for service projects and council activities involving our pack and troops.

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