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Calendar Import with CSV file not working

Is there an issue with the calendar import?

Followed the “Importing Calendar Events via a CSV file” instructions. Tried using an exported calendar csv file as a template to import multiple events and get an error message “column names are missing or not in right locations”

Then tried to import one event and after over 20 minutes just get the following message “saving…this can take several minutes for large number of events”

Also tried using the same CVS file linked in the importing PDF instructions with no success.

@GeraldO_Neill - this appears to be a Feature Assistant question so you may be better served in this area:


I hope that I am putting this in the correct area. I am trying to use the CSV import Calendar function (which falls under Feature Assistant Add On I think). I’ve done it three times in the last year and half. I click “MY CALENDAR” and there should be “Import Calendar Events from CSV.” It is not there. My only option is to create an event. Thanks!

Lisa, the import feature will be on your dashboard, not in My Calendar.

Gary, Nothing under my dashboard either. I clicked a lot under dashboard. Does the link still say “Import Calendar events from CSV” or something like that?

Lisa, it is inside the Events section. The option is only available if you have the Create New Event option under Calendar.

Gary, I don’t have those two “IMPORT and EXPORT” or the Create Scout Birthday Events.
I think I added my snipping shots in this correctly. I will keep looking.

@LisaJohnson Which web browser are you using? The Feature Assistant only works with Chrome and Firefox.

Do you see this at the bottom of your dashboard page?

And, do you see the icon on your browser toolbar up top? image

No to the Bottom of your dashboard page… Feature Assistant Active
Yes to the little icon at the top.
I’m turning into my mother!!!

Ahh, Firefox There is a known issue with it loading addons properly.

If that happens, load the page, wait a couple minutes, then click the Firefox refresh button (not the red Scoutbook refresh)


THANK YOU!!! Appreciate your time.

Gerald, I’d be happy to review the csv file that is causing issues.


Appreciate your help. The system won’t accept “cvs” files - uploaded a text file with the data that won’t upload as a csv file. TestFile.txt (234 Bytes)



Also using chrome - I’m able to export CSV calendar files.


Use CSV (not cvs).
The file you sent does not have commas separating the columns or fields in the file.

Try opening the exported file in excel, making any changes you want, then saving as a CSV file, then try to import that.

That was a typo - the CSV file isn’t working

What do you mean when you say it isn’t working? What happens? Are you getting errors trying to import it? If so, send it to me and I’ll look at it

When I try to import - I select the file and receive the following message:
“saving…this can take several minutes for large number of events”

I’ve let it over for over 1/2 hour and the file doesn’t upload.

Can you send me the file?