Calendar invitee has wrong list of invitees

Hello, I am looking at a perplexing bug. We have a new patrol in our troop that has 11 scouts in it, but when I try to create a calendar event for this patrol, the invitee list automatically has 12 scouts in it. The 12th scout is not in this patrol, but he is listed under “Members” when I click the Invitees button in the event creation page. He is a troop guide, but is not even the troop guide assigned to this patrol (as a side note, it WOULD be great if the assigned troop guide could be added to these events). Any ideas why this might be happening?

Post the extra Scouts BSA # and the Patrol name and we can take a look @JoachimStahl

Hi Donovan,
I don’t have access to see his BSA#, but the patrol name is Electro Eagles. What is odd is that if I use Send Message tool from the Patrol page, the message created does include the correct Troop guide and not this scout, only the calendar seems to be off.

@JoachimStahl the BSA # is under Edit Profile in Scoutbook or a Key 3 can get it in

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